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Every project is unique
but it doesn't have to cost the earth

Your budget

Before delivering a costing, we prefer to personally discuss the brief with our clients.  The prices below are a guide:

Smaller Budgets
(up to €1,000) 

This budget might include a short Instagram reel, small podcast, re-editing work, modest studio shoots, drone work etc. Includes half a day’s shoot and one day’s edit.

Medium Budgets
(up to €5,000)

You can now produce a small campaign which might include:  A series of short documentaries, a wedding, a large music video, multi-camera live streaming etc. Includes 2 days shoot, 3 days edit, motion graphics and concept development, scripting and voice over when necessary.

Small to Medium Budgets
(up to €3,000)

You can now afford a short documentary, small-scale aftermovie or compact corporate video. It may include a 1-day shoot, 2 days edit and some graphic design.

Larger Budgets
(up to €10,000)

A generous budget means a big campaign or one-off with high-end production values.  Projects may include ambitious corporate videos, conference aftermovies, large scale documentaries, TV pilots etc. Includes 4K mastering,  motion GFX, grade, narration, sound mix etc.

Request a Quote

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