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Helping clients make videos for over 20 years

Julian Butler


KLONK Company Founder and CEO, Julian Butler has produced films, TV and content for many years. He’s made documentaries for the BBC (including one with Donald Trump), is co-producer of Channel 4 cult comedy series Focus North, and, most recently, worked as showrunner for Amsterdam streaming service InsightTV. Julian has worked internationally in the UK, US, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The rest of the KLONK KREW are a group of skilled individuals including Camera Operators, Script Writers, Drone Flyers, Video Editors, Motion Graphic Designers and Sound Engineers. They are a truly international bunch, capable of working in numerous languages including English, Dutch, French German and Bengali.


Julian Co-authored the book The Wisdom of Stupidity, an auto-biographical profile of his film and TV career and a wry look at the film, video and television industry. Published by Headpress Books.

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